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Carton Tape



The Carton Tape has been developed especially for the cardboard and corrugator industry. This tape is considerably stronger, Even cardboard packaging can be opened easily, precisely and quickly without damaging the rest of the container. It is designed and developed to provide a consumer friendly easy opening device and tamper-evidence for the content of the container. It is mainly used for any kind of boxes e.g. washing powder, frozen food or cardboard envelopes etc.



  • Increases consumer comfort and convenience
  • Enhances pack strength by reinforcing weak areas of the carton
  • Eliminates the need for perforations and knifes
  • Facilitates easy opening of multy-layer corrugated and heavy solid boards


  • Printing designs with up to 10 colours
  • Width between 2 mm and 15 mm
  • Length up to 35 km per reel
  • Base film thickness 60 micron, 90 micron and 125 micron
  • Inner core diameter 76 mm, 82 mm, 152 mm
  • Base material MOPP (transparent or pigmented)